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MICROPRO allows you to acquire the equipment necessary for 3D printing. We offer 3D Printers, scanners, consumables and make your impressions.

MICROPRO attended the presentation of 3D printing in issuing the RTI1 C'MIDI.

M3D02- 3D Printers: We offer you a choice for your needs, from the simplest to the most elaborate in or AM 3DP technology.

- Scanners: you want to reproduce existing objects. The best and simplest method is to scan the object you want to play. We advise you to purchase the model that will give you the best results conform to your use.

- Filaments: To print your items, you will filaments needs, the consumable in your 3D printer. Depending on your usage you for using filaments of different materials. We will propose the model that will fit your application and your 3D printer.

- Assistance: According to his reputation, MICROPRO will always be at your side to assist you if you like for all your needs on your 3D equipment.

 - Creation: you need to create a model in CAD (Computer Aided Design). We put you in touch with partners specialized in computer 3D design. They will realize for you the files that can be printed on all 3D printer models from the items you have provided.

- Print: you have a template as a file, you want to print it. We can make this impression for you. Contact us to have all the necessary information for this realization.


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